Paprika Csárda

About Us

Paprika Csárda is in the center of Zamárdi village, about 500 meters from Lake Balaton. If you come on Main Road 7 from Budapest, you can find us across the train station after the 2nd intersection on your left. If you come on Main Road 7 from Nagykanizsa, you can find us before the second intersection on your right. We provide free parking to all our guests directly near the restaurant.

Paprika Csárda was built in Zamárdi in 1948 and opened its doors. Since then, it has been open. Developments, constructions, and modernization of the building have been going on to provide better environment for our guests, of course these live up to the official expectations.

The current management took ownership in 1995. Our goal is to fully serve our guests, with a large selection of meals and drinks. The meal sizes are plentiful and we believe that our guests should leave happy and satisfied. Paprika Csárda is open all year around.

Zamárdi is full of sightseeing. As the restaurant is by Lake Balaton, you can find relaxing programs in every season. You can enjoy a beautiful view from the Kőhegyi observatory. You can know more about Zamárdi by visiting: